Bulk SMS API and Gateway – Any Application

SMS Africa offers a bulk SMS API and Gateway that ensures security, raw speed, and reliability. Our SMS Gateway covers all the mobile networks on the African continent to ensure a seamless experience by our clients.

Choose from our easy-to-use SMS API’s to seamlessly integrate bulk text messaging with your existing business systems and software applications:

The Email API gives the ability to send SMS messages in two different ways (1) One way being large volumes of SMS messages at a time, known as a Bulk Send (2) The other way being a Single Send.

The FTP API gives you the ability to send large volumes of SMS messages by uploading files to one of our FTP servers. The API processes new files every 10 seconds, as such, it is not ideal for time-sensitive SMS messages. A faster alternative would be via our RESTful API.

The RESTful API is ideally suited for the programmatic sending of low volumes of SMS messages. The API is designed using RESTful standards over HTTP and accepts JSON data.


All API documentation including Email API, FTP API and RESTful API can be accessed from within your account.

Enterprise clients and partners

Our proprietary carrier-grade SMS gateway server offers unsurpassed service quality and security to our Enterprise clients and partners.

A bulk sms gateway provider and SMS API covering 54 African countries.