SMS Service Reseller

We have prepared an SMS Reseller Program which enables the Resale of our SMS Services under your own logo and brand. Our services are based on the most advanced Bulk SMS platform in the industry, where our clients nor Resellers transact in “SMS credits.”

There is no sign-up fee to use our SMS Reseller Services, and SMS pricing works on a competitive pay-as-you go basis. We offer worldwide coverage with our SMS routes. This means you can build a local SMS business in your country of residence, or market your SMS services to any country in the world.

SMS Reseller

  • No start up or upfront costs to use our technology.
  • White-labelled solution.
  • Reseller has full control over own clients and pricing.
  • On-sell SMS messages at your own set margins – percentage or fixed costs.
  • Offer a world first to your clients – “SMS credits” are not used by our resellers and clients alike.
  • Automated credit card payment option and balance allocation (PayPal integration).
  • No SMS Africa involvement visible.

Think like an Entrepreneur

  • Be your OWN BOSS.
  • Earn a monthly recurring income from repeat business (SMS top ups).
  • Add new clients within seconds.
  • Prepaid therefore your costs are controlled.
  • International Platform available on over +800 mobile operators worldwide.
  • Cheapest SMS reseller packages.
  • Huge target market that you can market too.

Let us help you grow! Any questions? Contact our mobile messaging experts today!