Timing Your Bulk Text Message Marketing Campaigns

SMS text messages can be a fast and affordable way to get important messages to your customers. When it comes to text message campaigns, timing is everything. How you time your bulk text messages can have a great impact on what action your customers take.


How often should I send my text message(s)?

One or two messages each week strikes a nice balance – it gives your customers some breathing room, but also lets them know you are still there.

At least one of your regular messages should include some kind of incentive – discounts, coupons, free products – no matter what the timing.

Send Online Text Messages in Bulk

What times during the day is your business the most desperate for foot traffic?

Sending messages on days when your business tends to be slow is a good way to grab your customers’ attention. For example, retail stores tend to be slower when the weather is bad or there are no major holidays coming up.

Sending special deals to your customers may surprise them, and therefore intrigue them enough to visit. Sending a “same-day” deal drives them to come your way even more since they don’t have the option of waiting.

Bulk Text Message marketing in Africa NG

Thinking about how your customers plan their lives in relation to your business is another great way to figure out the best timing for your messages.

Bulk Text-Messaging via SMS Africa South

Do you host events? Send your first bulk SMS a few weeks before the event encouraging registration or providing registration incentives. Then send a reminder 2-3 days before or the morning of to get people pumped leading into the big day/night or to pick up last-minute attendees.

Sending Text Messages in Bulk for African Event Hosting

If you run a business, such as a doctors room, salon or a clinic, that requires appointments, text messages can be a great way to send reminders – either about existing appointments or about appointments that have not yet been made, but should be (e.g. dental cleaning).

Text SMS in Bulk for Doctors in Africa

Texting customers the day before not only reminds them, but gives them time to adjust their appointment if needed. Plus you are not reminding them so far in advance of the appointment that they simply end up forgetting again.

One of the biggest motivators for today’s consumers is convenience, so overall it is extremely important for businesses to provide this to their customers as much as possible. Make it easy for them.

Don’t risk your text messages sent in bulk being overlooked by your target audience – learn how to time your bulk messages effectively.